Crossville Releases 2021 Design Trends Look Book

Crossville, TN, September 1, 2021-Domestic tile manufacturer Crossville has released its annual Design Trends Look Book

This digital publication showcases four macro trends that are presently influencing interior design, including accompanying tile collections that answer these trends in interior environments.

These macro trends are researched and compiled by Crossville’s vice president of marketing, Lindsey Waldrep. She first presented her findings as part of a global trends presentation at the Coverings Expo in Orlando, Florida, on behalf of the Tile Council of North America.

Looking at ongoing events in tandem with modern fashion, Waldrep identified four notable focus areas present in contemporary design: 1970s-inspired Bright and Bold, 1970s-inspired Bohemian Spirit, Bio-Feel-‘Ya, and Touch Points.

Global Tile Trends Focus Areas: 

* Bright and Bold: that ’70s Show providing not only nostalgia and comfort but also creativity and play with lots of glossy, bold, and bright hues. Style goes prismatic-optimistic in color, eclectic in pattern, liberal in mix of materials. 

* Bohemian Spirit: the “other side” of the ’70s style, more earth-inspired with natural elements. This style is fluent, unconventional, and comfortable-an idyllic answer to work-from-anywhere sensibilities. 

* Bio-Feel-‘Ya: much more than just bringing the outdoors in; truly embracing a love for all things natural. Grounded in natural elements, this style converges interiors with the outside environment, creating spaces that are sensory and sincere. 

* Touch Points: all about texture and tactile experiences. Dimensional handcrafting and the character of touch are key components of experiential spaces.

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