Creating Your Space Rolls Out New Color Technology Tools

San Rafael, CA, September 3, 2019 –Creating Your Space is pleased to announce its color technology tools for use on its dealer’s custom websites.

This technology categorizes by RGB value every product image in each dealer’s custom product catalog and sorts by 11 primary colors. Regardless of brand, product type, or style, the products are categorized and available to filter quickly and easily.

Creating Your Space has introduced two separate interactive tools based on this color technology-ColorBar and More Like This. ColorBar enables the consumer to start the process by color or choose a product style and then sort by color. Within seconds, the product selections are narrowed down to the best products that match the consumer’s color preference.

More Like This is designed to help the consumer find complementary products by color in the product type they have chosen or across product types. Now the consumer can, in one click, find LVT products for their kitchen that coordinate with the carpet in the adjacent great room.

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