COVID Renovation Boom Results in Shortage of Softwood & Treated Lumber

New York, NY, August 21, 2020-Several major lumber mills cut back on their production when COVID-19 arrived in the U.S. earlier this year, according to Millionacres and reported by Newsweek, and that has resulted in a shortage in softwood and treated lumber supplies. 

“Mill officials cited concerns of a worsening economy and the health and safety of their employees, but didn't foresee demand rebounding as quickly as it did.

“Months-long quarantines enacted throughout the country caused a spike in do-it-yourself projects, with Americans heading in droves to their local home improvement store to purchase construction supplies.

“Both softwood lumber and treated lumber are difficult to find right now, and producers have been able to hike up the prices because the wood is in such high demand. Treated and untreated framing lumber have risen in cost by at least 50 percent since the beginning of the year, according to Millionacres.

“Moxham Lumber Vice President Brad Gordon told The Tribune-Democrat that he believed the shortage would last until the winter months, when construction projects typically drop off around the country as the weather gets colder.

 “The shortage among big lumber suppliers has trickled down to local shops like Moxham, as well as independent contractors.

“Dave Dickson, president of Quaker State Construction in Carnegie, Pennsylvania, told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette that he was facing an increased number of customers but limited amount of materials.

"‘It's an ongoing fight for lumber every day,’ Dickson said, whose company is booked through November for deck construction orders. ‘We use a lot of treated lumber. The prices have escalated by 30 percent and more.’”