Construction Employment Rose in 45 States & DC in July YOY

Washington, DC, August 22, 2023-Seasonally adjusted construction employment rose from July 2022 to July 2023 in 45 states and the District of Columbia, fell in four states, and was unchanged in Vermont, according to Associated General Contractor’s (AGC) analysis of Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) data. 

Texas added the most construction jobs (25,200 jobs, 3.2%), followed by California (13,800, 1.5%). Arkansas had the largest percentage gain (10.1%, 5,800 jobs), followed by Wyoming (7.6%, 1,600 jobs). 

Colorado lost the most jobs (-3,000, -1.6%), followed by Missouri (-1,200, -0.9%). The largest percentage loss, -1.6%, was in Colorado and North Dakota (-400 jobs). 

Construction employment rose in July in 27 states and D.C., fell in 22 states, and was flat in New Mexico. 

Texas added the most jobs (4,700, 0.6%), followed by Florida (4,000, 0.7%). Nebraska had the largest percentage gain (3.1%, 1,900 jobs), followed by Alaska (2.5%, 400 jobs). 

Washington lost the most construction jobs in July (-2,500 jobs, -1.0%), followed by Pennsylvania (-1,000, -0.4%), Louisiana (-1,000, -0.7%) and Maine (-900, -2.7%). 

Maine had the largest percentage loss, followed by Washington

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