Connor Sport Court Files Suit Against Snap Lock

Salt Lake City, UT, April 14--Connor Sport Court International, producer of sport flooring and outdoor game courts, said it has filed a federal lawsuit against Snap Lock Industries, Snap Court LLC -- including Snap Lock's principals and several former Sport Court employees -- for possible violations of federal and state laws. "Since 1995, we have maintained a strong working relationship with Snap Lock," said Charlie Graves, CEO of Connor Sport Court International. "Recently, in direct violation of our agreement, Snap Lock and its affiliates have entered into the sports flooring business and have initiated the hostile pursuit of our employees and customers." Detailing 15 different federal and state claims, the federal lawsuit includes allegations that the Salt Lake City-based Snap Lock and affiliated parties engaged in federal trademark and intellectual property infringement, cyberpiracy, tortuous interference, breach of contract, violation of the Utah Uniform Trade Secrets Act, and violation of the Utah Unfair Competition Act through use of predatory recruiting of Sport Court employees and customers. "We will continue to vigorously pursue litigation to protect our intellectual property rights and legal interests," Graves said. "We refuse to tolerate what we believe are blatant attempts by Snap Lock and its affiliates to confuse the marketplace and capitalize on Sport Court's heritage and credibility."

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