Concord Flooring Introduces New Digital Nano Staining Technology

Corona, CA, June 8, 2021-Concord Flooring continues to expand its wood floor manufacturing capabilities. While the current topical staining procedure brings almost an unlimited color range to existing projects, the company is now introducing the ability to use its high-speed Digital Nano Staining Technology (DNST) on hardwood surfaces, giving its clients the potential for rich and innovative patterns and textures. 

The new technology uses inorganic mineral stains that can absorb and permeate into the depths of the wood, and with this 3-D digitally staining process, it can absorb deep into the wood grain. 

The mineral stains are safe, water-based and carbon-free, supporting the demands of sustainability and clean-air processes.

Another benefit the company brings to the table is its surface sealing technology, which has the remarkably high resistance against scratching and wear in the higher traffic areas. It has a permanent antimicrobial effect against bacteria and fungi and active multi-resistant germs. This hybrid coating process is also easy to clean and maintain.