Concord Flooring Builds New California Hardwood Facility

Corona, CA, March 5, 2020-For the past year, Concord Flooring, located in Corona California, has been building its new engineered hardwood flooring factory from the ground up. 

John Lee, president of Concord, has been working with design engineers to create the most efficient, automated and progressive equipment made. 

Almost all the equipment is custom designed; Lee has been working on his own unique ideas for years and has collaborated with a team of engineers to create the state-of-the-art, in-line, and automated factory ever manufactured. Some of this manufacturing equipment are unique and revolutionary, the speed and efficiency are non-matching for any engineered floor factories around the world.

Located at this facility will be a start to finish process, starting with cutting, sanding and finishing of veneer to adhering it to the plywood. From there it will go into an automatic in-line process of slicing, distressing, wire-brushing, sanding and finishing.

The company is capable of doing nine base coats and three top coatings with UV curing at each stage. The staining is custom to the color of choice and matched by our Sherwin Williams staff located in their own lab on our premises. Every stain is programmed into our system for future 99.9% optimum match. 

Lee had previously planned to manufacture in China and distribute his own brand, ArteMundi USA, while also manufacturing other known private brands for customers here in the U.S. In hindsight, it seemed intuitive that there would be huge anti-dumping duties and a 25% tariff, that the company should consider changing direction and building here in the U.S. A year delay allowed it the opportunity to build an even bigger and better factory with the most advanced capabilities.

Concord will be capable of producing 80,000 square feet a day. Factory tours are anticipated to start the end of May 2020.