Chinese Container Rates Have Risen 112% Since November

Hamburg, DE, June 26, 2024- Container xChange has shared the following update on the container shipping industry:

* Container Prices Double: Average container prices in China have surged by 112% since November 2023, now reaching $3,600 for 40' high cube cargo worthy containers.

* Leasing Rates Ex China Triple: One-way pick-up charges for containers have spiked, with rates on key routes from China to Europe and the U.S. tripling and doubling, respectively.

* Update on U.S. consumer demand and economic indicators: Insights into the impact of U.S. retail trends on container demand and the potential broader implications of proposed European tariffs on Chinese goods.

* China container market outlook: Despite the ongoing volatility and disruptions in the global supply chain, the container shipping industry in China shows a mixed outlook. While prices and leasing rates have significantly increased, trading volumes are down as buyers adopt a cautious approach. This could signal a potential reversal of prices in the near future. Additionally, the proposed European tariffs on Chinese electric vehicles could lead to broader trade tensions, further impacting global supply chains.