Chinese Academy of Forestry Edits Standards for Laminate Flooring

Bruxelles, Belgium, August 9, 2019- The standard for laminated flooring has been revised by the Wood Industry Research Institute in the Chinese Academy of Forestry and will be implemented shortly, reports Fordaq.

“The revisions mainly deal with the terms and definitions, classification, requirements, inspection methods and inspection rules. Quality requirements for the non-flat impregnated paper laminated wood flooring have been added and the quality requirements for flat impregnated paper laminated wood floor have been modified.

“The performance indices such as the expansion rate of water-absorption, locking strength and formaldehyde emission, have been upgraded.

“The implementation of the new standard for laminated floors is intended to promote safe, exquisite and durable impregnated paper laminated wooden floor in China domestic market and improve the image and reputation of the products in international markets.”