CFI Introduces Advanced Commercial Carpet Certification Program

Dalton, GA, March 24, 2023-Last week, Certified Flooring Installers (CFI) introduced the first industry-wide Advanced Commercial Carpet Certification program, CIII, during preview sessions with carpet, adhesive, and tool manufacturers in Dalton, Georgia.

The Advanced Commercial Carpet Certification (CIII), the highest level of CFI's commercial carpet certification program, identifies installers who understand all the different aspects of large-scale commercial carpet installation. Installers who pass this certification will be able to correctly estimate products, plan labor, and identify proper amounts of adhesive and other sundries necessary for successful job completion.

This new certification serves as a tool for the Architect and Design community to include in their specification process as a requirement for installers, resulting in increased confidence and reduced overall costs and liabilities for commercial projects.

Led by Dave Garden, Executive Director of Education at CFI, and CFI Master II installers Jerry Miller and Scott Faulkner, the preview was conducted over two days as part of CFI's preparation for launching the top-tier certification program.

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