Cersaie Holding First ADI Booth Design Award Competition

Bologna, IT, September 12, 2019-The 37th Cersaie, International Exhibition of Ceramic Tile and Bathroom Furnishings, which takes place in Bologna, Italy, September 23 to 27, will be hosting the first edition of the ADI Booth Design Award honoring exhibition booths that promote the products and brand values of companies taking part in the show. This new award is organized in collaboration with the Italian Industrial Design Association ADI as part of the cultural activities of the Building Dwelling Thinking program and joins the existing ADI Ceramics and Bathroom Design Award, now in its sixth edition.

During the first two days of the exhibition, a panel of experts consisting of Cecilia Bione (professor at the Fine Arts Academy of Bologna and an expert in exhibit design), Pierluigi Molteni (architect, professor of Advanced Design and an expert in exhibit design), and Wladimiro Bendandi (an expert in communication and brand identity representing the ADI Emilia-Romagna delegation) will assess the company booths and choose those that best communicate brand identity, brand value and the value of company products. The booths selected during these two days will be shortlisted for submission to the ADI Design Index 2020, an annual publication by ADI containing the best of Italian design put into production and selected by the ADI Permanent Design Monitor. This index covers all types of products and systems as well as theoretical, process and company research in the field of design. 

The award ceremony for the first ADI Booth Design Award will be held on September 25 at 2:30 p.m. together with the presentation of the ADI Ceramics & Bathroom Design Award in the presence of jury members and representatives of Confindustria Ceramica in the Famous Bathrooms event space in Hall 30. The Famous Bathrooms exhibit is a free interpretation of the bathroom space inspired by famous personalities who have shaped history. It explores the concept of the bathroom as the realm of well-being, a room to be furnished and customised while also being the part of the house closest to the product sectors of Cersaie. It consists of a series of spaces inspired by figures who have excelled in their various fields from classical times through to the present day, from the Beatles to Sigmund Freud, from Coco Chanel to Piet Mondrian and from Le Corbusier to Maria Callas.