Ceramic Tile Imports Rose to $2.2 Billion in 2022, Down in Units

New York, NY, February 10, 2023-According to data released by the U.S. Department of Commerce, in the year 2022, the United States imported 202.7 million square meters of ceramic tile for a total value of $2.206 billion.  

In 2021 imports were 206.8 million square meters for a total value of $1.981 billion.

Spain was the largest importer with 40.2 million square meters, followed by Italy (35.0 million square meters), Mexico (33.7 million square meters), India (26.4 million square meters), Turkey (24.9 million square meters) and Brazil (21.1 million square meters). Imports from Spain were down by 12.4%, Italy's were down by 2.8%, Mexico's were up by 1%, Turkey's were down by 10.6%, India's were up by 30.4%, and Brazil's were down by 4.1%. Total imports were down by 2%. 

F.O.B. Dollar values were as follows: Italy in first place with $701 million (+9.1%), followed by Spain with $546 million (+13.4%), Mexico with $250 million (+9.2%), Turkey with $200 million (+15.1%), India with $150 million (+27.5%) and Brazil with $137 million (+4.6%). Total values were up by 11.3%.