Ceramic Imports Rose 4.7% YOY in the First Two Months of 2023

Brooklyn, NY, April 17, 2023-In the first two months of 2023, total U.S. imports of ceramic tile were 30.9 million square meters, according to Grosser Consulting, up 4.7% from the same period in 2022 when imports were 29.5 million square meters. 

This increase was mainly due to imports from Mexico and India. Imports from Mexico were up 33.9% and from India, 83.1%. Imports from Spain were down by 28.6%, and from Italy were down by 15.2%. 

Mexico is in first place with 6.1 million square meters, followed by India (5.9 million square meters), Spain (5.0 million square meters), Italy (4.0 million square meters), Brazil (3.3 million square meters), and Turkey (2.7 million square meters). 

Imports in dollars saw Italy in first place with $87.6 million, followed by Spain ($75.2 million), Mexico ($48.4 million), India ($26.0 million), Turkey ($24.5 million) and Brazil ($23.3 million). 

Import numbers from India are questionable: In January average F.O.B. price was only $3.89/square meters. This price seems too low to be true. In February average F.O.B. price per square meters was $5.13. A query to the Department of Commerce did not receive any reply.