Ceramic Imports Rose 23.1% in First 11 Months of '21

New York, NY, January 10, 2022-For the first 11 months of 2021, total ceramic tile imports rose 23.1% in dollars and 15.3% in quantity, reports Grosser Consulting. 

Italy is first in value with $585 million, followed by Spain ($436 million), Mexico ($212 million), Turkey ($157 million), Brazil ($116 million) and India ($109 million).

Spain is first in quantity with 41.7 million square meters, followed by Italy (32.8 million square meters), Mexico (31.1 million square meters), Turkey (25.3 million square meters), Brazil (19.7 million square meters) and India (18.8 million square meters).

Average freight on board values are highest for Italy ($17.46/square meters), Spain ($10.46/ square meters), Mexico ($6.82/ square meters), Turkey ($6.21/ square meters), Brazil ($5.88/ square meters) and India ($5.80/ square meters).