Ceramic Imports Rose 0.1% in November, Indian Imports Up 31.4%

New York, NY, January 9, 2023-According to the latest data released by the U.S. Department of Commerce, total imports of ceramic tile were up 0.1% from 188.8 million square meters to 189 million square meters in November, according to Grosser Consulting. Imports from India grew by 31.4%, from 18.8 million square meters in 2021 to 24.7 million square meters in 2022. Brazil's imports increased by 1.1% from 19.6 million square meters to 19.8 million square meters. Without increased imports from India, total imports would have shown a decrease.

Imports from all other main countries decreased. 

In first place is Spain with 37.9 million square meters (-8.6%) followed by Italy with 32.5 million square meters (-0.8%), Mexico (30.7 million square meters; -1.3%), India (24.7 million square meters; +31.4%), Turkey (23.6 million square meters; -6.4%) and Brazil (19.8 million square meters; +1.1%).

Dollar values were as follows: Italy $650 million, Spain $512 million, Mexico $228 million, Turkey $188 million, India $141 million, Brazil $129. million. The total value was $2.053 million (+14%). 

Imports were up by 0.1% in quantity and 14.0% in value, a sign that prices increased by 14% vis a vis last year.