Ceramic Imports Declined 7.9% YOY in January

Brooklyn, NY, March 12, 2023--In the month of January 2024, total U.S. imports of ceramic tile were 13.79 million square meters, according to Grosser Consulting, a 7.9% decline compared to January 2023’s 14.97 million square meters. 

Imports in square meters by country were as follows: India is in first place with 2.9 million square meters, followed by Spain (2.4 million square meters), Italy (2.3 million square meters), Mexico (2.2 million square meters), Brazil (1.3 million square meters), and Turkey (0.9 million square meters).  

Imports in dollars were as follows: Italy is in first place with $46.9 million, followed by Spain ($35.6 million), Mexico ($26.0 million), India ($16.4 million), Brazil ($8.8 million) and Turkey ($7.6 million). Total dollar imports were $153 million ($151 million in January 2023).