Ceramic Imports Declined 5.7% in The First Third of 2023

New York, NY, June 12, 2023-In the first four months of 2023, total U.S. imports of ceramic tile were 58.3 million square meters, a decline of 5.7% from the same period in 2022 when imports were 61.7 million square meters, according to Grosser Consulting.

This decrease was mainly due to the large declines in imports from Spain (-25.5%) and Italy (-19.7%). 

Imports from Mexico were up 14.9% and from India, 51.8%. 

Imports in square meters were as follows: Mexico in first place with 11.8 million square meters; followed by India (10.5 million square meters); Spain (9.8 million square meters); Italy (8.3 million square meters); Brazil (5.5 million square meters); and Turkey (4.8 million square meters). Imports from Vietnam were 1.9 million square meters and from Peru were 1.6 million square meters. 

Imports in dollars were as follows: Italy in first place with $179 million; followed by Spain ($146 million); Mexico ($94 million); India ($51 million); Turkey ($43 million); and Brazil ($38 million). Total dollar imports were down by 1.3% from $637 million to $628 million.

Average F.O.B values per square meter were as follows: Italy ($21.68), Spain ($14.90), Mexico ($8.00), India ($4.83), Turkey ($9.07) and Brazil ($6.95). For all countries, the average was $10.77.