Ceramic Imports Declined 9% in First Two Months of 2022

Brooklyn, NY, April 7, 2022-In the first two months of 2022 U.S. ceramic tile imports were down about 9% in square meters vis a vis last year, from 32.5 million square meter to 29.5 million square meter, according to Grosser Consulting.

In first place is Spain with 7.0 million square meters, followed by Italy (4.7 million square meters), Mexico (4.6 million square meters), Turkey (3.9 million square meters), India (3.2 million square meters) and Brazil (3.0 million square meters). 

Total imports in dollars were $297 million, down from $291 million last year. In first place is Italy with $86.7 million, followed by Spain ($78.8 million), Mexico ($35.9 million), Turkey ($27.4 million), India ($19.3 million), and Brazil ($18.2 million). 

Average Free on Board prices in the first two months of 2022 were $10.07/square meter.  Average FOB highest price was from Italy ($18.34/square meter) and then Spain ($11.11/square meter), Mexico ($7.63/square meter), Turkey ($7.01/square meter), Brazzil ($6.06/square meter) and India ($5.96/square meter).