CCA Announces Summer Regional Meeting Schedule

Manchester, NH, May 8, 2024-The CCA Global Retail Group leadership team is embarking on a journey across the United States and Canada this summer. With the momentum gained from a successful inaugural year, the CCA Global Partners Retail Group announces the return of its summer regional meetings for a second edition, scheduled from May to October 2024. 

These meetings provide a platform for Carpet One Floor & Home, Flooring America, Flooring Canada, and the International Design Guild members to come together, fostering collaboration, idea exchange, and insights from peers and CCA staff.

These smaller, more focused gatherings offer members the chance to discuss shared challenges and find solutions to propel their businesses forward. Providing members with the opportunity to engage in productive discussions and form strong relationships with their peers, the summer regional meetings aims to stay ahead of the ever-changing business landscape.

The agenda for this year’s meetings includes regional-focused networking, conversations with vendors, vendor-sponsored events, new marketing and merchandising initiatives, and member-selected topic presentations and best practice shares. These gatherings allow members to speak with like-minded peers, seeking to maximize every opportunity for them to leverage the powerful new Retail 2.0 showroom retrofits installed in their stores over the last year. 

Carpet One Floor & Home kicked off its first meeting in Austin, Texas, on May 1. Additional locations include Newport Beach, California; Nashville, Tennessee; Coeur D'Alene, Idaho; Boston, Massachusetts; Indianapolis, Indiana; Vancouver, British Columbia; and Ottawa, Ontario. 

Similarly, Flooring America and Flooring Canada will begin their series of meetings in June in Newport Beach, California, with further meetings to follow in Nashville, Tennessee; Boston, Massachusetts; and Ottawa, Ontario. Likewise, the International Design Guild will meet in Indianapolis, Indiana in August.

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