Carpet One Intros Selectafloor For Tile

Manchester, NH, Aug. 18--Carpet One has created a national merchandising program for tile by extending its Selectafloor system to what has traditionally been a regionalized category. Selectafloor for tile brings together thousands of colors, patterns and styles in a consistent, integrated system designed to appeal to retailers and consumers nationwide. "Selectafloor for carpet, laminate and hardwood has been tremendously successful for our members since it was introduced in 2001. This unique selling and marketing system revolutionized the flooring industry by streamlining the consumer shopping experience," said Dean Marcarelli, co-COO of Carpet One. "From New York to California, Carpet One retailers know that Selectafloor gives them a competitive edge and they are enthusiastic about the program's expansion to include the popular tile category." Like other Selectafloor systems, Selectafloor for Tile is organized according to lifestyle, with three basic lifestyle collections, as follows: •The Rustic Collection is inspired by nature with organic colors, textures and patterns that incorporate the natural irregularities of nature, such as tiny "fossil" imprints. •The Classic Collection bridges the past and present with tasteful and elegant ceramic and porcelain tiles designed to look beautiful for years. •The Design Concepts Collection features a wide range of specialty styles and materials, including metal, leather, glass, and stone. Brand names throughout the collections will include: Good Housekeeping, Ceramica Uno, Carpet One, Millcraft, and Design Concepts. Each store will also showcase a collection of Decorative Accents with wall/listello styles and other pieces to make each consumer's installation unique. In addition to choosing a lifestyle, consumers can select a Product Promise, or warranty, that offers the appropriate level of performance. "More and more consumers recognize the beauty and performance that ceramic offers," said Carpet One co-COO Charlie Dilks. "With a range of brands and styles and a five- tier warranty system, from Titanium to Bronze, retailers can be proud to offer 10- to 30- year performance promises to meet the needs of all consumers." The Selectafloor Tile Fixturing system is designed to complement other Selcctafloor store fixtures. Easy to set up and maintain, the system contains a well-organized selection of the finest tiles available with all the information consumers need to make the right tile flooring decision. Sample cards contain key messages for consumers as well as detailed information for the retail salesteam. Selectafloor for Tile will be available beginning this winter throughout the U.S. and Canada.

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