CARE's Five-Year Plan Approved by CalRecycle

Dalton, GA, April 24, 2023- CARE is pleased to announce CalRecycle’s approval of its new Five-Year Plan, running from January 2023 through December 2027.  

This allows CARE to continue its work in California in its role as the Carpet Stewardship Organization. 

In 2022, CARE hit all key targets and achieved a 33% recycling rate, exceeding the target of 27%, while delivering an 80% yield. 

CARE Executive Director, Robert Peoples said, “We are gratified that CalRecycle recognizes the success, progress and unique capability CARE brings to this operation in California as we continue to work with our recycling community to grow the recycling rate.”  

CalRecycle directed CARE to increase the assessment on April 1 and will do so again in the coming months.