CARE in the Process of Resubmitting Plans to CalRecycle

Dalton, GA, October 15, 2018-Carpet America Recovering Effort (CARE) is resubmitting plans to CalRecycle in hopes of being granted the opportunity to continue running California’s carpet recycling operations. 

CARE has 60 days to submit a revised plan that meets the stated conditions. Conditions to be completed by September 1, 2019 for plan approval include:

* conducting an independent, detailed economic analysis;

* providing an additional level of transparency regarding CARE's economic analysis, including goals consistent with the results of CARE's convenient collection study;

* establishing minimum weight of post-consumer carpet content that a product must contain; 

* developing and implementing agreed upon procedures for carpet reuse.

Says CalRecycle, “Approval is not automatic even if they resubmit the information we’ve asked for within 60 days. While CARE continues as the stewardship organization for carpet in California, that continuation is contingent on CARE meeting conditions.”

The news comes following years of ups and downs for the partnership. In 2017, CalRecycle levied over $3 million in fines against the organization, for its failure to meet established quotas; in early 2018, those fines were lowered to just over $1 million. 

Just last month it was announced that CARE was raising its assessment fee per yard of carpet to $0.35.