Bona U.S. Wins Litmos' Lenny Award for Customer Training

Englewood, CO, January  3, 2019-Bona U.S. has announced that its online training platform, at, won a Litmos’ 2018 Lenny Award for Best Customer Training Program. 

Bona’s online platform helps provide additional training opportunities for hardwood flooring contractors that complements Bona’s “hands-on” training programs; including, the increased ability for repetition and review at the customer’s convenience, expanded product and process content, travel and time-off savings, and availability for everyone in the customer’s company.

Litmos is a Learning Management System. Because of the innovative Litmos platform, Bona can create and deliver its customer training programs anytime, anywhere and on any device. The Litmos Lenny Awards honor innovative Litmos users across any industry or company size.