Bona Releases 2020 Sustainability Report

Malmo, Sweden, April 15, 2021-Bona released the results of its 2020 Sustainability Report. Despite a challenging year with the global pandemic, Bona continued to progress with its sustainability agenda including ongoing product innovation, reduced energy use, and grassroots community giving.

Highlights of the year 
In 2020, the company recognized a number of milestones. For example, Bona estimates that the amount of floor finishing product produced, and thereby finishing rather than replacing hardwood floors, saved 28 million square meters of a 125-year-old oak tree forest area which is equivalent to 3,610 soccer fields.

Additionally, Bona adapted to the changed landscape in 2020. As the pandemic brought an increased focus on cleaning and sanitation, Bona launched a new antibacterial cleaning formula. With the world leaning on digital resources, e-commerce around the world gained momentum. Bona increased its online sales in all markets and saw more than 28,500 logins to with 500 more courses completed than in 2019.

Through the initiative Bona Cares, a grassroots program centered around providing small acts of generosity, the company helped those affected by the pandemic including donating hand sanitizers, N95 masks, and product donations as well as providing food for those in need. The program spanned across the US, Europe, and Asia.

Key facts
Additional notable facts from Bona’s 2020 Sustainability Report include:

  • Solar panels at Bona’s facilities in Limburg, Germany and Malmo, Sweden generated 768,448 kWh of solar energy.
  • Overall energy consumption at Bona was reduced by 20%.
  • The Bona Certified Craftsman Program celebrated its tenth anniversary with 2,800 members worldwide.
  • Bona Germany tested Bona Pure with the third-party agency Technical Rules for Biological Agents which verified the product meets the high requirements for safety, health, and hygiene in healthcare.
  • The first phase of the Lund University project Sustainable Plastic and Transportation Pathways (STEPS) was completed which delivered a component from sugar that has the potential to make usable plastic or possibly make plastic from sawdust.
  • 2020 was Bona’s fourth year participating in Hand in Hand’s Village Uplift program in southern India.

Last year it was announced that Bona U.S.'s full line of wood adhesives is Greenguard Certified.