Besse Forest Products Acquired by Hoffman Family of Companies

Gladstone, MI, March 15, 2024-The Hoffmann Family of Companies (HFOC) announces its acquisition of Besse Forest Products Group, a longstanding, family-run company in the wood products manufacturing business, reports Hardwood Magazine.

“HFOC says this strategic move adds to the company’s portfolio, complementing its existing Ferche Millwork operations. With more than two million square feet of production facilities and a workforce of more than 1,400 people, HFOC believes the combined strength of Besse and Ferche positions the company as a significant player in the wood products manufacturing industry.

“Besse Forest Products Group operates a network of sawmills, wood drying facilities, and veneer and plywood factories across northern Michigan and Wisconsin. The company, founded in 1966, has remained 100% family-owned, growing from a modest workforce to employing hundreds of individuals across the United States.

“Besse Forest Products Group, a manufacturer of Northern hardwood veneer, lumber, and specialty plywood, has supplied products for cabinets, doors, flooring, furniture, industrial pallets, millwork, musical instruments, railroad ties, sporting goods, wall panels, windows, and other wood products used worldwide.

Besse Forest Products Group operates ten manufacturing facilities in the United States, including four veneer mills, four sawmills, one lumber drying concentration yard, and one cut-to-size plywood mill. Greg Besse will continue in his role as CEO of the Besse Forest Products Group.”