Benchwick Develops Electronic Beam Tech to Cure Protective Coatings

New York, NY, March 15, 2022-Benchwick has developed an electronic beam technology to cure protective coatings for flooring and other interior surfaces. 

The patent-pending Benchwick MattMaster electron beam curing process relies on the high energy of accelerated electrons that creates a bridging density in resin molecules, saving energy to produce high product performance that’s durable, environmentally sound and easy-to-clean. 

Other applications include:

• MattMaster creates superior water-resistant dimensional stability to flooring, eliminating curling and cracking

• MattMaster Coating Strengthening layer protects interior surfaces

The MattMaster process results in several benefits in the finished product-regardless of whether the flooring is rigid core, wood, laminate-with a super low gloss finish with perfect consistency, anti-stain and anti-bacterial performance; color fading resistance for over ten years; and the finish surpasses the standard Martindale A1 B1 test on any substrate.