Belknap White Group Owners Become Sole Shareholder of JJ Haines

Glen Burnie, MD, March 23, 2022-The Mancini Family, through the Belknap White Group, has become the sole shareholder of JJ Haines.  

In February 2019, Belknap purchased a controlling interest in Haines. This past February, the minority shareholder group exercised their option to sell their remaining shares to Belknap.  The deal closed early in March.  

According to Paul Castagliuolo, president of Belknap, “From an operational perspective, its ‘business as usual’ with no changes to the daily operations. We will however be embarking on a new branding initiative.”

Ray Mancini, Jr., Belknap’s CEO, commented, “Belknap is honored to become the steward of the JJ Haines 150-year legacy of exceptional customer service. We appreciate the dedication of the Haines family through the generations. Not often do you see a company endure and prosper over six generations of family ownership, it’s quite amazing.”

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