Australian Firm Debuts New Concrete Flooring

Sydney, Australia, June 27--CSR Hebel has launched SoundFloor, an ecologically sound flooring system that is created from Hebel, an Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) panel that, due to its cellular structure, entrains air and has excellent thermal insulation properties, reducing supplementary insulation in floors. Helping to create a warmer house in winter and a cooler house in summer, SoundFloor provides substantial energy savings. Further, as Hebel SoundFloor is based on a lightweight construction methodology of fixing the panel to timber or steel joists, it provides greater design flexibility than traditional products, making it ideal for sloping sites. CSR SoundFloor consumes fewer resources in production and transportation as well as produces less waste. Additionally it is fire-resistant, achieving up to a four hour fire rating - the highest possible by Australian Standards, has the benefits of superior stability and ease of installation.