ASID Releases 2021 Resiliency Report

Washington, DC, November 23, 2021- The American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) has released its 2021 Resiliency Report

The ASID 2021 Interior Design Resiliency Report is part of a multi-phase study conducted in partnership with Benjamin Moore that began in 20201 to assess interior design resilience during times of disruption. This study examines the pandemic impact, experience, response, and recovery, and explores changes necessary in design and the profession to move beyond recovery and thrive.

“The continued impact of the pandemic on the interior design industry and on our professional and personal life is undeniable,” explains ASID vice president, research and knowledge, Susan Chung, Ph.D. “As we carry on and learn how to navigate through adjustments and change, we hope that designers can use the Resiliency Report and apply it to their practices and that it will provide them with the knowledge and skills that can better serve our ever-changing environment.”

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