Armstrong’s VCT w/ Diamond 10 to Reduce Maintenance Costs

Lancaster, PA, May 4, 2018-Armstrong Flooring announced the launch of a low-maintenance VCT product targeted to commercial strategic account customers, featuring patent-pending Diamond 10 Technology.

Joining LVT and polished concrete in the low maintenance category, this is the only VCT to offer superior scratch, stain and scuff resistance without polish, reducing the total cost of ownership over the life of the floor.

“Armstrong Flooring’s VCT, now with our exclusive Diamond 10 Technology coating, delivers superior scratch, stain and scuff resistance, saving on average over 40% in maintenance costs compared to polished VCT,” said Brian Saker, director, commercial product management. “While savings depend on use and recommended maintenance procedures, for large retail chain customers this can result in millions of dollars in savings over the life of the floor and will completely change the value proposition in their flooring selection.”

With dirt, scratch and stain resistant qualities, VCT with Diamond 10 Technology is unlike traditional VCT in that it offers the option to reduce or eliminate initial polish and recoating maintenance and eliminates restorative stripping in all applications; fewer coats of polish means less downtime and a quick return to operational space. Savings are realized in polish costs, as well as labor costs related to maintenance practices.  In addition, with standard VCT, where a higher sheen is desired, it can take up to eight coats of polish to achieve the desired gloss level; with VCT with Diamond 10 Technology, the same gloss level can be achieved with as little as three coats of polish.

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