Armstrong Launches Two Sample Re-Use Initiatives

Lancaster, PA, March 7, 2019--Armstrong Flooring is supporting two initiatives to ensure that product samples live on beyond the specification process, through recycling efforts that also inspire future designers and artists. 

First, Armstrong Flooring initiated a pilot program with the IIDA Mid-America Chapter that will enable architecture and design firms to donate excess product samples to design students instead of disposing of them. Second, the company is an official sponsor of Save a Sample! for Art, which delivers A&D materials to artisan organizations for use in art projects.  

As part of the IIDA pilot, which recently kicked off in Kansas City, Missouri, participating architectural and design firms-including HOK, Gould Evans and Hollis + Miller-will collect unwanted product samples and invite local design students to attend educational events. When a student attends an event such as a lunch and learn, they can take the samples back to their school for use in design projects. In addition, the events create a networking opportunity to connect students and design firms that may have future job openings.  

Armstrong Flooring is also demonstrating its commitment to recycling with a second initiative, becoming a sponsor of Save a Sample! for Art. The organization’s mission is to divert samples and other materials from landfills and deliver them to hundreds of artisan organizations, which will use the recycled samples to create unique art that also supports fund-raising.

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