Armstrong Flooring to Host 14th Annual Energy Forum on Nov. 14

Lancaster, PA, November 8, 2019-Armstrong Flooring will host the 14th annual Energy Conservation Forum at its Lancaster headquarters on November 14, from 4:00 to 8:30 p.m.

The theme for the event is “The Changing Landscape of Energy Production-Meeting the Challenges.” Featured presentations and speakers include:

* Integrating Renewable Energy into PJM’s Wholesale Electricity Markets-Challenges in Pricing, Anthony Giacomoni, Senior Marketing Strategist, Advanced Analytics, PJM Interconnection

* Zero Net Energy Building-Case Study, Chris Steuer, Sustainability Director, Millersville University

* Building Analytics-Maximizing Energy Efficiency, Kristy Schomaker, Trane 

* Color-Smart Choices to Reduce Energy Consumption, Amy Costello, Sustainability Manager, Armstrong Flooring

The event is catered towards facilities professionals, engineers and other leaders in business and education. More information is available here.

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