Architecture Billings Index Score Rose to 50.5 in April

Washington, DC, May 23, 2019-The American Institute of Architects’ (AIA) Architecture Billings Index (ABI) score for April showed a small increase in design services at 50.5, which is up from 47.8 in March. 

Additionally, business conditions remained strong at firms located in the South. Despite this and the positive overall billings score, most regional and sector indictors continue to display decreasing demand for design services.

“In contrast to 2018, conditions throughout the construction sector recently have become more unsettled,” said AIA chief economist Kermit Baker, PhD, Hon. AIA. “Though we may not be at a critical inflection point, the next several months of billing data will be indicative of the health of the industry going into 2020.”

Regional averages were as follows South, 51.6; Midwest, 49.3; West, 49.0; and Northeast, 45.1.

The sector index breakdown was mixed practice, 53.2; institutional, 49.2; multi-family residential, 47.4; and commercial/industrial, 46.6.

Project inquiries index was 60.9, and the design contracts index was 52.1.

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