Aquafil & DC Foam's CARE Board Seats Terminated for Supporting NY EPR Legislation

Dalton, GA, April 29, 2022-Carpet America Recovery Effort (CARE) has terminated Aquafil and DC Foam's board seats for supporting proposed New York extended producer responsibility [EPR] legislation, which will likely pass next week.

CARE sent a letter to Franco Rossi, president of Aquafil USA, stating, “We are writing to inform you of the termination of Aquafil’s seat on the CARE board of directors for violation of CARE’s Ethics & Conflict of Interest Policy.

“As outlined in the policy, each CARE board member is required to support CARE’s mission and adhere to CARE policy. Your recent support of carpet EPR [extended producer responsibility] legislation in Illinois and New York is in direct conflict with the mission and is a violation of the policy. While we acknowledge and respect the rights of the individuals and companies involved with CARE to have their own opinions and to act in their own interests, we will not allow a Board member in violation of this clear CARE policy to remain on the Board. As such, this Board seat termination is effective immediately." 

“Your status as a member-in-good-standing of CARE is not affected by this termination, nor is your current or future status as a participant in the California Carpet Stewardship Program.”

Following Aquafil's seat removal, 15-year board member Sean Ragiel of Carpet Cycle resigned in protest. 

Responded Rossi, “It is ironic that an organization that runs the only carpet EPR program in the U.S., decides to expel from its board any member who dares to express support for similar legislations in other States. I hope CARE might soon come to terms with its own contradictions.”

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