Aquafil Releases 2022 Sustainability Report

Cartersville, GA, May 1, 2023-The Aquafil Group, a manufacturer of synthetic fibers, released its 2022 Sustainability Report, providing transparency into its progress made toward achieving stronger environmental, social and governance standards.

Aquafil is guided by a set of principles that urges the Group to design better to do better and has led the way for circular practices in the textiles industry such as the development of Econyl nylon, made 100% from nylon waste with the ability to be infinitely regenerated without losing quality and performance.

In 2022 Aquafil explored different pathways to circularity, opening up endless opportunities for the entire industry. These include,

* Starting a pilot project to use Econyl filaments for 3D printing, asking clients to recover both waste and their 3D-printed products at the end of their life to be regenerated in the AquafilSLO plant

* Launching the Born Regenerated to be Regenerable (Born R2R) program in the EU market, which aims at engaging clients in the carpet segment to produce fully-disassemblable carpets with materials that are compatible with the Econyl Regeneration System.

Additional environmental achievements include:

* Reducing Scope 1 + Scope 2 emissions by an additional 16%

* Recovering 91% of waste through recycling and energy recovery

* Reaching their target of reducing water consumption by 30% three years in advance

* Continuing to use 100% electricity from renewable resources.

Aquafil does not limit its sustainability efforts to circular economy innovation and recognizes that the challenges facing the environment must be addressed collectively with stronger social and governance standards. In 2022, Aquafil approved a Global Parental Leave Policy for all Group employees and has drafted a Human Rights Policy to ensure the safety and welfare of employees among all its facilities and that of its suppliers and vendors. Aquafil has also expanded its number of certifications, obtaining two more ISO 50001 certifications for Aquafil Arco and Aquafil China, one more ISO 45001 certification for Aquafil China and one more SA8000 certification for Aquafil UK.

Download and read Aquafil’s 2022 Sustainability Report for further insights into its goals and progress: