Aquafil Hosts Grand Opening at Phoenix Carpet Recycling Plant

Phoenix, AZ, December 14, 2018-Aquafil hosted the grand opening for its Phoenix, Arizona-based carpet recycling plant on December 13. 

The $25 million investment represents the first of five plants in Aquafil's long-term plan. The second will open in 2019 in Sacramento, California. 

One-hundred-sixty guests-including customers, suppliers and sustainability experts-attended.  

The facility uses two production lines to break down post-consumer carpet into three components for recycling. Nylon 6 fiber that will be shipped to Aquafil’s Slovenia depolymerization facility and converted into new carpet fiber. Polypropylene fiber that will be molded into new products, and calcium carbonate is used in concrete and roadwork.

In addition to being converted back into new carpet, Aquafil’s Econyl branded 100% recycled fiber is sold to over 400 different apparel and fashion brands that include Levis, Speedo and Adidas.

Giulio Bonazzi, CEO for Aquafil, said that the idea of creating a network of carpet recycling facilities started 20 years ago with a conversation he had with Interface's late Ray Anderson. “In a circular economy, we should manufacture everything with the end in mind,” says Bonazzi.

Dayna Baumeister, the founder of Biomimicry 3.8, spoke at the event as well David Oakey, the well know carpet designer from Interface. Oakey noted, “I think Ray Anderson is smiling today.”

Listen to today’s audio interview here for more details.

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