Antidumping Rate Increased on Chinese Engineered Hardwood Flooring Imports

Sterling, VA, December 20, 2018--The U.S. Department of Commerce has issued preliminary results of its 2016-2017 administrative review of the antidumping duty order on multilayered wood flooring from China, reports the Decorative Hardwoods Association. 

“The American Manufacturers of Multilayered Wood Flooring, a domestic coalition of multilayered wood flooring producers, commended the Department of Commerce for the preliminary results: that imports of multilayered wood flooring from China were unfairly dumped in the U.S. market.

“The Department of Commerce has increased the antidumping rate to 48.62% and also increased the China-wide entity rate from 25.62% to 96.51%.” 

According to Kip Howlett, president of the Decorative Hardwoods Association, “After comments, the final decision will be announced in April 2019. The International Trade Commission extended these duties for another five-year term last year. Rates are reevaluated annually. Companies receiving a zero rate in the initial case continue at that rate. The review for 2018 will begin after these rates are finalized. The new rates will take effect in April when they are finalized.”

In summary, the bottom line impact is this:

The China-wide rate (which applies to 59 companies found not to be free of Chinese government control) was 25.62%; it is now 96.51%.  

The separate rate company rate (which applies to 61 companies that were not individually reviewed) was zero; it is now 48.26%.