Altro Signs Mindful Materials' Antimicrobials Joint Statement Petition

Wilmington, MA, June 7, 2021-Altro has announced that it will join Mindful Materials in its mission to uphold and encourage evidence-based approaches to protect human health by signing its Antimicrobials Joint Statement petition. 

Recent developments in viral pathogens and public health concerns have generated a significant new demand for antimicrobial products. For the building products industry, this has led to an increase in requests for materials with added antimicrobials to be incorporated in design. Unfortunately, outside of limited studies on copper, no building products with added antimicrobials have been shown to benefit infection control. In fact, many of these additives can cause more harm than good, unintentionally causing viral mutations and antimicrobial resistance over time. 

With this is mind, Altro believes the responsible approach is to manufacture its products without the use of antimicrobial additives. It first removed such ingredients from its flooring ranges as far back as October of 2013.