Alabama Retailer Fire Caused by Inside Propane Tan

Birmingham, AL,, October 15--The fire Tuesday evening at Flooring Creations off Messer Airport Highway, according to investigators, was fueled by chemicals and material inside the warehouse, which made the fire even more dangerous, according to NINN. An hour into the fire, the roof of the warehouse collapsed. The intense heat caused the roof’s steel beams to melt and expand and lose their strength. On Wednesday, Flooring Creations owner Michael Golden surveyed the damage. “It's devastating,” said Golden. “It hits all of us, because we come to work here everyday and see this, (and) it hits us where it hurts.” Investigators have zeroed in on the cause of several small explosions that occurred during the fire. “We had several propane cylinders in there that were used to power fork lifts and several of them did become overheated and exploded,” said Birmingham Fire Department Capt. C.W. Mardis. Investigators began their investigation on Wednesday, and it could take two weeks before forensic results are returned. Investigators don't expect to announce their idea of what caused the blaze until they're back