AIA Billings Index Dips Negative After 25 Positive Months

Washington, DC, April 18, 2019-Following consistently increasing demand for design services for over two years, the Architecture Billings Index dipped into negative territory in March with a score of 47.8, according to a new report today from The American Institute of Architects (AIA).

This is down from 50.3 in February. Indicators of work in the pipeline, including inquiries into new projects and the value of new design contracts remained positive.

Regional averages were as follows south, 54.2; Midwest, 48.7; west, 47.2; and northeast, 43.5.

The sector index breakdown was mixed practice, 53.1; commercial/industrial, 47.0; institutional, 48.9; and multi-family residential, 47.7.

The project inquiries index was 59.8, and the design contracts index was 50.8.

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