Vinyl Maker Parterre in Green Industrial Facility

Brooklyn, NY, May 14, 2009 – Luxury vinyl maker Parterre Flooring is headquartered at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, which has become the nation’s first multi-story green industrial facility.

On track to receive LEED Gold certification, the Navy Yard’s $25-million renovation project features the city’s first wind turbines mounted on a roof.

The six wind turbines, along with numerous rooftop solar panels, will provide electricity for the building’s lobby and other common areas. Other green aspects include reflective roofing and pavement to reduce surface temperatures, recycled rain water used in toilets, recycled building materials, high-efficiency lighting fixtures and natural ventilation.

"We are extremely enthusiastic about the Brooklyn Navy Yard’s offices receiving power from the rooftop wind turbines and solar panels and being a part of this development’s impressive sustainability initiatives," said Parterre President T. Fred Roche.

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