Tile Files: Top trends from Cersaie 2022 - November 2022

By Cristina Faedi

Cersaie 2022 saw a countless number of new tile product introductions from European manufacturers, and all could be connected by one overarching theme: nature. Earthy hues and warm tones dominated color palettes, while larger-than-life “maximalist” marble and stone looks reigned supreme. However, some manufacturers put their own twist on this natural theme, combining the look of stone and wood into one “odd couple” design and elevating the art of ceramic wallpaper with “supernatural” biophilic motifs-two of the other trends.

The Odd Couple
This trend spotlights the beauty of contrast. Color and texture play a key role in new designs, with Italian manufacturers mixing bright, glossy tiles alongside matte stone looks. Others are creating stark contrast with new production innovations that combine the material looks of wood and stone. There is even the blending of color and material effect, making it impossible to tell if the tile is inspired by stone or metal. Nonetheless, the final result is extraordinary.

One of this year’s standout trends is elements-and natural elements in particular. Warm, earthy colors like terracotta and soft shades of green and blue are becoming increasingly popular in ceramic tile. Meanwhile, some Italian manufacturers are producing exquisite tiles that mimic nature itself, from wallpaper looks that resemble water and clouds to décors inspired by vibrant flowers

Taking inspiration from classic white marble to exotic varieties, this trend embodies the unprecedented luxury of Italian ceramic marble and stone and the encyclopedia of offerings from manufacturers. From marble looks with bold and striking veins in colors of gold and violet to terrazzo and pebble stone effects, these tile products can be used to create a total look design.

The ’70s are back! Classic patterns from the decade like stripes, small mosaics and checkered patterns are making a revival alongside motifs and décors reminiscent of T-shirt graphics and graffiti.

As an extremely versatile and durable material, Italian ceramic tile is all-encompassing. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use-from exterior facades to kitchen countertops-new collections from Italian manufacturers have the ability to create safe, or “cocooned,” spaces with a comforting atmosphere.

Supernatural is an interpretation of biophilic architecture. Italian manufacturers have perfected the art of ceramic wallpaper and are producing designs inspired by biophilia, from tropical leaf patterns to moody forests. Available in a variety of formats, these digitally printed slabs can be applied everywhere, serving as floor-to-ceiling wallcoverings to intricate stair and floor designs.

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