Tarkett Exceeds Environmental Standards

Houston, TX, October 25, 2005 – Tarkett Commercial continues to do its part to help keep the environment cleaner and greener. Tarkett Commercial holds the distinct honor as one of the first flooring manufacturers to be awarded the FloorScore certification for all of its products. Tarkett brands receiving the FloorScore certification are Nafco by Tarkett including luxury vinyl tile, Azrock by Tarkett, Tarkett Specialty and Expressions by Tarkett. “We are exceptionally proud that all Tarkett Commercial products are FloorScore certified, and therefore contribute to good indoor air quality,” says Gilles de Beaumont, president of Tarkett Commercial in North America. “Tarkett continually researches ways to improve environmental quality in everything it does. This certification confirms that our efforts are making a difference and will have a long-term, positive impact on the environment.” Developed by the Resilient Floor Covering Institute (RFCI) in conjunction with Scientific Certification Systems (SCS), the FloorScore program tests and certifies flooring products for compliance with California Section 01350 VOC emission standards. The SCS not only reviews the results of the product VOC emissions report, but also reviews raw material inputs and manufacturing processes to ensure that a product is consistently manufactured. It also conducts site audits of manufacturing plants to ensure a quality management plan exists for continuing compliance of the product as defined in SCS-EC-10-2004 Environmental Certification Program – Indoor Air Quality Performance. Any products bearing the FloorScore seal qualify for use in high-performance areas such as schools and office buildings and are recognized as contributing to good indoor air quality in order to protect human health. Recent studies indicate that 90% of the population spends the majority of their time indoors at work, home or school. Healthy air contributes to better learning in schools, improved productivity in offices and more comfortable indoor environments in general. Therefore, choosing flooring that has FloorScore certification maximizes the air quality of the office, school or home environment. “Each product manufactured by Tarkett Commercial is designed with care and concern for the environment and the consumer at every stage of its life-cycle,” says Graeme Hendry, environmental specialist for Tarkett Commercial in North America. Tarkett’s commitment to the environment and human health is exhibited in every aspect of the company’s operation, from its safety programs in the manufacturing facilities to raw materials chosen for production, as well as the Tarkett recycling and reclamation programs. Tarkett truly makes people and the environment a top priority.

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