Stonepeak Launches Production of Gauged Porcelain in TN

Chicago, IL, May 7, 2018-Stonepeak Ceramics has announced the launch of the first production line in the United States dedicated to 120"x60" large format panels, also known as gauged panels.

The production plant, located Crossville, Tennessee, is the first and only American tile manufacturer to produce large format porcelain panels that are from 6mm to 2cm thick, in the United States.

The strategic choice to build a production line for large panels in the U.S. results from the desire to mature as a global supplier and promptly meet the needs of this new, rapidly growing market segment. By offering large format porcelain panels made in the USA, Stonepeak is guaranteeing shorter delivery times, overall increased logistic efficiency and much greater product sustainability.

Gauged porcelain expands the possibilities for use of tile in additional sectors, such as countertops and skinning atop existing materials, and it can be used as traditional porcelain on floor and walls.   

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