Social Savvy: How to navigate Instagram’s Threads for your business – Aug/Sept 2023

By Irene Williams

Threads by Instagram is the newest, suddenly popular social platform to hit the scene. In contrast to Instagram’s image- and video-driven content, Threads is a text-first platform. Part of Meta, the parent company of Instagram and Facebook, Threads is being offered as an alternative to longtime social network Twitter, which, at the time of this writing, is being rebranded to become known as X-and the ongoing changes may drive more people to Threads as an alternative, potentially deepening the relevance across the market and for your business. Profile creation and immediate posting/engagement on this newcomer network have already been breakneck, as it seems nearly everybody wants to be part of the buzz. Many brands and businesses have already tied into Threads, so to speak. Should you get in the loop, as well?

The answer to this question about Threads is also the answer on how to navigate any new social platform that pops up and takes off rapidly. With measured approaches focused on key goals, it’s possible to avoid “shiny thing syndrome” yet still be on the ready to engage with platforms that hold the most promise for your business.

Step 1: Activate your awareness of developments on the social media landscape.
As a leader who’s always looking to grow your business, you have lots to gain by being actively aware of the big moves made by social media companies. Stay apprised of developments. Proactivity is essential.

It’s valuable for you to know that Meta has invested in and developed a major new platform, as that can impact how your customers choose to communicate going forward. Clue into the nature of big launches. The debut of Threads indicates Meta sees great potential in heightening its game with a text-first platform. How might the market’s favor for text-driven interactions be relevant for your business?

The forefront is always a strong position for your business. And forefront positioning hinges on your awareness of what is happening. You don’t have to be a guru or expert, but you do need to be socially savvy.

Step 2: If it looks reputable, create a profile ASAP.
When a reputable social platform launches, it’s smart to create a profile right away-even before you know how you might or might not participate. This ensures you get the name/handle for your brand before someone else snatches it, and it allows you to be fully ready if and when you decide to use the network as part of your marketing communications strategy.

To that end, I recommend creating your Threads profile now, if you haven’t already. Because Threads is part of the Instagram ecosystem, it’s quite simple to set up a profile and make some initial connections if you’d like. You certainly don’t have to jump into the deep end with posting and engagement right away, but you’ll be poised to do so anytime going forward.

Step 3: Involve your team in deciding how to proceed.
Invite team members to keep a business eye on the progress of new social outlets and encourage them to report back. The reality is that many of your staffers may have already hopped on board the Threads train and, thus, may be able to contribute insights on its viability for the company. You will find your business steps ahead with Threads (or other social networks) just by weaving in the knowledge of those on your team who are early adopters.

Step 4: If you go in, go all in.
If Threads seems to fit the bill for your business, dive in with focus and fervor. This platform is still in its infancy, and you likely have a great opportunity to take a top spot in your business category and with your target audiences. In the world of social media marketing, those businesses that strategically step out early in the life of a social network may see immediate and long-term benefits: strong follower counts, solid engagement metrics, advanced algorithm insights and organic reach, all helpful in parlaying naturally occurring connections before paid reach becomes the norm.

Here are basic steps for nurturing your new Threads profile, should you determine it’s the right platform for your business.

Commit two ten- to 20-minute blocks of time each business day.
Brief yet intentional pockets of time are all it may take to get momentum going. Use the blocks of time to learn the nuances of the platform. This is achieved by being present on the platform to not just post but also to observe the activity of others.

Follow notable big brand accounts to identify tactics that work well.
Seek out profiles of businesses adjacent to yours for potential future interactions. Opt in to follow those with whom you’ve already connected on Instagram.

Post daily, just as you do on your existing socials.
Yes, you can repurpose the posts you’re sharing elsewhere. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel. Of course, you may want to edit for length and style in keeping with what’s working well on Threads, but don’t overthink it. Just get posting! The goal is to get into a rhythm with this new outlet. By posting consistently at this stage of Threads, you may earn favor from the algorithm, while also establishing your business presence.

*NOTE: At the time of this writing, Threads does not support hashtags, so you may wish to delete them if you’re copying and pasting content. If you leave them, understand they presently offer no gain. However, Threads will reportedly bring on hashtag clicks in the future, so there’s no harm in leaving them, in case they go live in the coming days.

Decide what Threads success looks like for your business.
Choose what metrics matter. Is it engagement? Follower count? Remember with Threads-and with all your social profiles-that vanity metrics often do not align with measurable business goals. It’s always better to connect with a small subset of potential customers than to get the fleeting attention of many passersby. Align success metrics directly to business goals.

Whether you want to generate more new leads or increase foot traffic across your threshold, find ways to determine if your social posting on Threads (and, again, all your socials) is contributing to overall key performance indicators. Build in engagement mechanisms. These could come in the form of platform-specific offers (“Call today and mention you found us on Threads for a discount”) or incentivizing invitations to comment or like posts (“Comment or like this post, and we’ll message you about our upcoming promotion”). Get creative as you tailor trackable content for this new medium.

Plan to pivot.
Social media is a constantly moving target, and newcomer networks such as Threads frequently retool offerings in accordance with user activity and engagement numbers. Likewise, your responsible team members should be flexible to work within the environment of the platform to support ongoing effectiveness.

If you’re curious about even more ways to weave Threads into your overall business strategy, reach out to me anytime at I’d be happy to share more insights and resources.

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