Schönox APF helps a contractor solve a subfloor problem: Call the Contractor-Nov 2015

By Darius Helm

When Commercial Flooring of Toledo was brought in to do the flooring for the Hensville development project, the firm first had to contend with a wood subfloor issue covering 22,000 square feet. The four-story warehouse building, originally the wholesale operation of Spangler Candy, was in a state of disrepair, and the flooring contractor had to decide whether to shore it up, tear it out or seal it in.

Hensville is a $21 million development project in Toledo’s warehouse district, a part of the city that had been languishing for decades. That all started to change when the city’s minor league baseball team, the Toledo Mud Hens, left the Ned Skeldon Stadium, the team’s home since 1965, to its new 8,943 seat ballpark in the downtown warehouse district in April 2002. Since that time, according to the Toledo Blade newspaper, the warehouse district has gone from seven residents to nearly 700, and from just six businesses to more than 60. Several buildings in the district have been converted into lofts, apartments and restaurants.

The Hensville project includes the 28 St. Clair Street warehouse, with renovation designed by Tom Porter Architects, along with two other smaller buildings, with Commercial Flooring of Toledo as the flooring contractor for the entire development. The warehouse, which is being renamed the Fleetwood Building, overlooks the ballpark. 

The project, which is slated for completion prior to opening day in April 2016, will offer a range of environments, including a restaurant, banquet facility, luxury suites for game viewing and an expanded gift shop, as well as leased spaces. The Fleetwood Building will also feature a rooftop deck with an unobstructed view of the ballpark. Adjacent to the building will be Hensville Park, which will host outdoor concert series, food festivals, sporting events, movie nights and much more.

Commercial Flooring of Toledo (CFT) is a fairly new business, though it’s owned and operated by seasoned professionals, a father and son team—Chuck and Mike Rajner. The Rajners are experienced flooring contractors who worked in the commercial market for several years, but during the recession the company they were working for went out of business, so in 2010 they started their own operation, leveraging their expertise as well as their substantial customer base.

CFT, which became a Starnet member in 2014, does work in all the commercial sectors, with a specialty in healthcare and education. The firm has an in-house installation crew of about 18 union craftsmen, and in 2013 it was part of the pioneer group of INSTALL Warranty Contractors. Its entire team is INSTALL certified.

The construction manager and architect were looking for the most cost-effective solution to the subfloor problem, one that would avoid the time and expense of shoring it up or tearing it all out and repouring. Their search led them to Schönox APF, a synthetic gypsum compound that is fiber reinforced and self leveling, and particularly suitable for wood floors. To ensure a successful installation, Schönox inserted INSTALL language into the Hensville specification, which required installation by an INSTALL Warranty Contractor. CFT, having received training directly from Schönox through the INSTALL curriculum, was awarded the bid.

The subfloor on all four levels was tongue and groove hardwood. CFT patched the gaps, then used a Schönox two-part primer to seal the wood and allow for a good bond. Then it poured the synthetic gypsum underlayment—a product the firm has used before, including on its own showroom in downtown Toledo—to a 3/8” thickness. And 24 hours later it was ready for foot traffic.

Schönox APF has fibers in it that enhance the stability of the subfloor and at the same time give it some flex, making it more forgiving. Next month, CFT will begin its final stage in the project, installing floorcoverings over the Schönox subfloor. The bulk of it will be carpet tile and LVT, along with some ceramic tile. 

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