Roppe Begins Using EcoScorecard Web Tool

Fostoria, OH, March 3, 2009--Roppe Corp. launched the ecoScorecard site, a web based tool that lets architects and designers find and spec Roppe products based on their environmental impact.

EcoEffects is the Roppe brand that denotes environmentally friendly products within the product line.  The EcoEffects micro-site was designed to gather all of the Roppe green products information in a single location in an effort to educate viewers on the wide variety of products that are available for sustainable design.  That site is now further enhanced with a direct link to ecoScorecard so that users can immediately get the additional documentation needed for submittals.

“Our clients have determined that ecoScorecard offers a more efficient manner to select products that best fit their project, while alleviating the dilemmas of obtaining the documentation needed to complete the building certification process," said Dee Dee Brickner, Roppe marketing coordinator.

Roppe’s ecoScorecard site can be launched from the home page at or from the EcoEffects micro-site.  It is free for architects, designers and contractors to use as it is paid for by the manufacturers.

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