RollMaster Introduces B2BMaster Stand-Alone Softwa

Lynn Haven, FL, January 16, 2007--Roll-Master Flooring Software has launched B2BMaster, a new, stand-alone software advance designed to bring B2B efficiencies to dealers of all sizes, regardless of their current software or accounting system. B2BMaster provides floor covering retailers of any size with floor covering business management tools delivering with it B2B functionality, that permits supplier transactions to be executed quickly and inexpensively via the internet. The floor covering industry B2B standard, which was formally launched in January 2002, is the industry-accepted protocol for the electronic exchange of product and order information across the Internet. The standard has been formally endorsed by major carpet manufacturers and the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI). B2BMaster permits retailers to take advantage of B2B protocol while eliminating the usual problems associated with installing and updating software and the need for specialized computer hardware, servers and networks. The only requirement for retailers who wish to use and operate B2BMaster is a PC, a Windows operating system and broadband Internet access. Retailers that have been using their own software or accounting package can continue to use those packages and by adding B2BMaster will be able to immediately utilize the flooring industry's B2B processes without any changes to their current management or accounting system. Designed to permit retailers, regardless of technical skill level to, ease into state-of-the-art floor covering industry specific technology, Roll-Master’s B2BMaster also does not require a major investment. B2BMaster permits retailers to realize new efficiencies made possible by electronic commerce, allowing them to automate tasks that up to now, bookkeepers have to perform manually. By taking advantage of the new opportunities that are made possible by the industry’s B2B initiative, opportunities that are already in place and in use at many industry suppliers, retailers can lower costs, ensure improved timeliness in their operations and reduce human error while competing in the marketplace more effectively. “Since B2BMaster is Internet-based, dealers can conduct B2B transactions with B2B capable trading partners, without any significant investment or change in business accounting software”, said Dev O’Reilly, CEO, RollMaster Floor Covering Software. O’Reilly said the new product is a good first step for a flooring retailer who wants to manage inventory and showroom pricing and submit purchase orders electronically with his suppliers, while having the potential to expand to manage the entire business. O’Reilly encourages dealers to use as much or as little of the flooring functionality as they want. For more information call RollMaster at 800-777-4107, visit (, or email

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