RFMS Holding 2022 Owners Conference in Nashville

Nashville, TN, May 4, 2022-RFMS is wrapping up its biennial owners conference today in Nashville, Tennessee. 

The industry-specific software company used its first in-person conference since 2019 to go over the new and enhanced features in development over the past 12 to 24 months, as well as delve into the nuances of existing apps for the best usability.

There was a focus on mobile capabilities, and COO Rod Bayless cited a study that reported that 87% of staff at companies that adopt the most modern technology feel positive about their company, while 70% of staff at technology "laggards" feel negatively about theirs.

RFMS recently added Warehouse Mobile, which allows warehouse workers to receive, mark the location(s) and pickup of inventory, attaching pictures and notes if need be.

Also fairly new is credit card processing through a partnership with Clover Connect. This feature will be enhanced through the option to accept an e-check and offer consumer financing.

The flooring estimator, which can be added to a client's website, will also soon see updates through greater integration with RFMS' Measure Mobile and CRM systems, allowing more avenues to capture sales leads.

Several brand-new features were also announced. Through a partnership with Roomvo, consumers will soon be able to virtually see products in their homes; a streamlined user interface will offer highly customizable data in an easy-to-digest format; a Property Management Portal will help those with multifamily projects keep track of floorplans and related products, pricing and order and job status; and the existing fcB2B integration will be enhanced with automatic product catalog refreshes, further helping clients keep up with stock and price status.

The presenters stressed that their clients are an integral part of guiding the software and features-in line with the conference's theme of "Building on the Best"-and noted that more than 50 of RFMS' 93 employees were onsite at the conference to gather feedback and offer support. The clients in attendance included ten National Flooring Alliance member companies, which are highly respected in the industry and have annual sales of $10 million or more.

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