RD Weis Rolls Out National Solutions Program Nationwide

Elmsford, NY, April 16, 2015—RD Weis Companies has announced the continuation of its National Solutions Program, serving North America through its partnership with Starnet.

As a local Starnet member, RD Weis acts as both facilitator and single point of contact for the end user, property manager, or the manufacturer for companies with locations throughout the country. 

Under the umbrella of Starnet, RD Weis has established strong relationships with business partners in order to fulfill a company's multi-location needs.

Key points of the National Solutions Program include:

    With owned assets, starting with people and facilities, RD Weis is adaptable to a company's way of doing business.

    RD Weis lets the client dictate the process while they dictate the results.

    RD Weis ensures consistency through one point of contact.

The program manages installations, hard surface floors, tile and grout restoration, panel and upholstery cleaning, and almost any type of floor cleaning, polishing, waxing, or re-surfacing.


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